viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Soundtrack Psycho-Bernard Herrman(1960)

Psycho Composer(s): Bernard Herrmann Released in: 1960 Country: United States

Track listing

1. Prelude; The City; Marion and Sam; Temptation (06:15)
2. Flight; The Patrol Car; The Car Lot; The Package; The Rainstorm (07:21)
3. Hotel Room; The Window; The Parlour; The Madhouse; The Peephole (08:52)
4. The Bathroom; The Murder; The Body; The Office; The Curtain; The Water; The Car; The Swamp (06:58)
5. The Search; The Shadow; Phone Booth; The Porch; The Stairs; The Knife (05:41)
6. The Search; The First Floor; Cabin 10; Cabin 1 (06:18)
7. The Hill; The Bedroom; The Toys; The Cellar; Discovery; Finale (05:00)

Total Duration: 00:46:25

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